Submission Forms

Volunteer Calendar Submission Request

This form is to be used to provide online signups for members to volunteer at JLN events.
  • Ex. (one hour shifts from 1-5 PM)
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 100.

Monday Mail Submission Request

Please submit all requests by 5pm on the Friday before the Monday Mail is to be posted.
  • Must be Monday (or Tuesday if Monday holiday). Additional dates can be entered manually in the next field.
  • Manually enter the dates you want included separated by a comma. Must be Monday(s) (or Tuesday if Monday is holiday).

Meeting/Event Calendar Submission Request

This form is to be used for meetings/events that need to appear on the general calendar. If you would like for members to be able to signup online to volunteer at this event, you will ALSO need to submit the "Volunteer Calendar Submission Request".
  • :

General Meeting Agenda Submission Request

All requests for time on the agenda must be received by noon on the Friday before the General Meeting.

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