Active Member Agreements

Active Membership Committment Agreement

As an Active member of the Junior League of Norman, Inc., I agree to fulfill the following requirements to be a member in good standing: 1. Complete all financial/ways and means obligations 2. Complete all established membership requirements 3. Complete fundraiser requirements 4. Attend meetings as required 5. Complete placements as stated in placement agreement 6. Complete any orientation and/or education requirements I understand that if one or more of the above requirements in not fulfilled, I will become subject to removal from membership by the Board of Directors. In addition, I understand that annual dues are to be paid on or before dates set forth in the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures, and if dues remain unpaid after stated due dates, my name will be removed from the membership rolls. I further understand that as a member in good standing, the following privileges, subject to certain conditions set forth in the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures are available to me: 1. Voting 2. Serving on an elected committee 3. Serving as an officer 4. Serving on the Board of Directors 5. Serving as a committee chair 6. Proposing or seconding a prospective member 7. Serving as a conference delegate 8. Being granted a leave 9. Becoming a Sustaining member 10. Transferring to another League 11. Resigning in good standing With full understanding of the purpose and mission of the organization, I commit to support the Junior League of Norman, Inc.

Active Member Placement Agreement

As an Active member of the Junior League of Norman, Inc., I understand that completion of my placement assignment is one requirement of being a member in good standing and retaining all privileges thereof. In fulfilling this placement assignment, I understand that I have the following obligations: 1. To complete the task or specified amount of time required. 2. To be prompt and reliable. 3. To notify the committee chair if I am unable to work as scheduled and to secure a substitute, if necessary. 4. To attend orientation and training sessions as scheduled. 5. To make up any work missed. 6. To notify my placement advisor immediately if placement problems occur. I understand that in the event that circumstances, unknown at this time, occur and change the nature of the above placement assignment or cause it to be discontinued before the expiration of the term of this agreement, the requirement for completion of placement will not be waived and a change of placement may be approved by the Placement Committee. However, if I do not fulfill my placement obligations, I understand that I will be subject to removal from membership by the Board of Directors.
  • Copy from placement brochure or leave blank.

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